Our mission is to provide space, retreats, and resources to individuals, couples, and families facing grief, loss and crisis. ​

We have found one of the most profound generous gestures we can offer those in pain, facing tremendous loss, or dealing with a crisis is quite simple. Hold space with them. It may sound overly simplistic, but we’ve experienced firsthand over the past few years how transformative it can be for someone hurting to simply be seen. To enjoy a great meal they didn’t have to cook and experience a good night’s sleep in a cozy bed. For them to have permission to truly “take a breath” or an afternoon nap on the porch. To sit alone in the woods or sit at the table experiencing intentional conversation or having a “brave space” to trust someone to take time to listen.



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“Not all of us can do great things, only small things with great love. Happy are those.”


Bring Healing to Others​

Bring Healing to Others

We invite you to make a difference in the lives of people one at a time. Join us as we focus on the needs of the individuals and families that come our way for healing and hope in the midst of their personal crisis.

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